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Leveraging Requirements Traceability to Deliver Product Quality

Improve software quality and time to market by leveraging a formal requirements traceability approach to ensure success. A comprehensive Quality Management process must include both testing for bugs, but also verification testing that all current requirements intended for a release are in fact present and working properly.

During this webinar, TechExcel product managers will share the challenges and best practices when implementing a comprehensive Quality Management process, and how to leverage a formal Requirements Traceability approach to ensure success.

You will learn how to deliver the product you intended by:
-Linking Requirements to Testing
-Test Planning and Execution
-Requirements Traceability
-Traceability reporting
-Traceability and Agile Development

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Unravel Problem Management

Problem Management is often thought of when only dealing with the repercussion of incidents. Yet it is one of the hardest processes to implement and to gain momentum in an organization. Problem Management is needed to determine the root cause and find a solution for a problem, however it often becomes a burden to the organization as it is poorly defined and executed.

In part three of our ITSM series, we will unravel Problem Management and show how to use your Service Desk tool to help you with the process.

This 45 minute complimentary webinar will also include:
-Problems with Problem Management
-Different types for problem solving
-Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
-Known Errors
-Error control


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TechExcel Adds GIT Support to Development Tool Suite

New DevSuite-Git integration extends developer flexibility, enables full traceability throughout the development lifecycle

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – August 18, 2014 – TechExcel, a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced its suite of software development tools now provide out-of-the-box support for GIT, the open source distributed version control system (DVCS) designed for speed and efficiency. The seamless integration with TechExcel’s ALM solution, DevSuite, increases the agility of developers using GIT and provides managers and QA teams with full transparency and traceability throughout the development lifecycle.

“Support for GIT has become one of the most requested features from our customers,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “The combination of GIT’s flexibility and the comprehensive issue management capabilities of DevSuite helps our customers more efficiently manage distributed development projects and move to faster, more frequent release cycles.”

The DevSuite-GIT integration makes it easy for developers to associate all code commits with the bugs, issues and development tasks managed within DevSuite. Using “pre-push” hooks to launch the tracker interface, developers can select one or multiple issues from their project or sub-project. “Post retrieve” hooks then ensure all work is automatically updated within the issue management software.

Developers can also associate details and meaning to code commits, such as who did what, when and why. Users can also generate detailed reports for all GIT commits linked to bugs, issues and tasks. This provides organizations with a clear audit tracking, enabling full traceability and effectively managing task ownership, status and activity.

TechExcel DevSuite seamlessly integrates with more than 20 version control systems, enabling organizations to use the SCM tool of their choice, and is designed specifically to […]

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Unravel Change Management

Are you risking IT System failure due to a poorly planned or lack of a managed plan for change? In IT, change is anything that impacts and changes the IT infrastructure. Learn how to reduce your risk of failure by having a solid plan. This will help minimize disruption of IT Services while reducing resource costs.

It is understandable that the thought of ITIL Change Management can seem overwhelming. TechExcel’s product managers can help bring a common sense approach to understanding ITIL. In part two of our ITSM webinar series, we will unravel Change Management and help you to create an effective process for your team.

The 45 minute complimentary webinar will include:
-What is Change Management
-What is the process for Change Management
-How to handle Emergency Change
-How does Change Management link to other processes in ITIL
-The 7 R’s of Change

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Agile Made Easy

As the trend to go Agile continues, you and your team are not alone in determining the best methods to get up and running quickly.

Learn how to implement agile techniques so your team can build better software.

During this webinar, TechExcel product managers Vineet Argawal and Prince Huang will share Agile best practices for software development. Their experience practicing Agile at TechExcel and working with TechExcel’s customers has helped shaped a guide to the best methods for going Agile.

In this webinar, they will talk about:
-Creating user stories and spiking features
-Running shorter sprints
-Estimation and Planning
-Empowering developers, open communication and continuous improvement
-Using DevTrack for Agile software development

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Rethinking Application Life-cycle managment

Software has changed, end points have changed, even the role of the developer has changed. So, it only makes sense that the way developers and organizations manage the application life cycle would have to change too.

In the beginning, the ALM process was very independent, according to Robert Holler, CEO of VersionOne. “You kind of had your application life-cycle-management capabilities that supported requirement-management tools, design tools, coding tools, test tools, build source, deploy tools and project-management tools,” he said. “At first there was a lot of disintegration. Each one of those tools was completely independent.”

With the ever-increasing demand for better quality, better user experience, faster delivery and advanced technologies, the way in which tooling has worked together has evolved.

“Through the years, tool sets have become integrated,” said Holler. “All those tools are no longer independent tool sets; they are actually integrated tool sets that all work together to help manage the project, the product and the process, all at the same time.”

But it hasn’t just been the tool sets going through an evolution; the entire scope of ALM has changed. Where once testing had a definitive role at the end of the life cycle, or requirements took up a large part of the life cycle, the aspects of the life cycle are now linked together. “The life cycle starts with a business idea and doesn’t end with delivery of some value to a customer, but rather cycles around with feedback back to the business again to say did we actually meet the need,” said Kurt Bittner, Forrester analyst.

– See more at: https://sdtimes.com/rethinking-application-life-cycle-management/#sthash.vLvgc49A.dpuf

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Unravel Incident Management

System failures and errors are a daily occurrence for many IT professionals. Minimize outages and restoring service operations as quickly as possible is the goal of any IT professional manning a help or service desk.

Having a solid plan in place will lessen the impact on clients while remaining cost-effective. It is understandable that the thought of ITIL Incident Management can seem overwhelming. TechExcel’s product managers can help bring you a common sense approach to understanding ITIL. In this first webinar of our ITSM series, we will unravel Incident Management and help you to create an effective process for your team.

This 45 minute complimentary webinar will include:
-What is Incident Management?
-How do you prioritize incidents?
-How doe you handle incident escalations?
-What is the process for Incident Management?
-How does Incident Management link to other processes in ITIL?

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TechExcel Named to SD Times 100 for 6th Consecutive Year

Recognized for Leadership and Innovation in Application Lifecycle Management and Development Tools

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – June 6, 2013 – TechExcel, a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, has been named to the 2014 SD Times 100 for its leadership and innovation in the ALM and Development Tools market. This is the sixth consecutive year TechExcel has won the award recognizing key companies driving the art of software development.

“We are proud to once again be recognized for our contributions to the software development industry,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “The award this year reflects our commitment to delivering innovative ALM solutions that increase the quality, agility and efficiency of development lifecycle activities and enable companies to deliver superior software products to market and their customers faster.”

Judged by the editors of SD Times, the SD Times 100 recognizes the top innovators and leaders in multiple software development industry areas. Winning criteria included considering each company’s technology offering, how they advanced the software development industry, and reputation and buzz generated within the industry.

The 2014 SD Times 100 was published in the June 2014 issue of BZ Media’s SD Times and is available online at https://sdt.bz/71295.

About TechExcel

TechExcel is a privately held software company dedicated to developing intelligent software solutions to optimize today’s business processes. A leading provider of integrated IT service management, customer support and application lifecycle management solutions, TechExcel seamlessly integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Lafayette, California, TechExcel maintains over 1,500 customers in […]

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Hacked By GeNErAL

Think your credit score has little bearing on your chances of owning your own home?

We have some bad news for you. Many would-be homeowners are finding that the current tightening of mortgage lending restrictions is making their journey towards becoming homeowners all the more bumpy, especially if their credit history is a little less-than-perfect. Even after you’ve secured your home, your credit rating can still have an impact on the homeowners insurance premium you’ll have to pay.

If you’re in this situation, you’ll need to look at things realistically. What’s done is done, and whatever happened in your credit past is in your past. It can be fixed. Taking control of your credit profile and proving to mortgage lenders that you’re a credit risk worth taking can be very difficult but it is, nonetheless, possible.
home and credit

Credit Scores and Your Mortgage

Nobody’s perfect, and very few people will manage to make it through life without one or two hiccups on their credit profile. This is normal. It’s when these issues become larger and combine with a less-than-fantastic payment history that you become a higher risk to mortgage lenders. As far as they are concerned, if you haven’t paid on time in the past, there’s every chance you won’t pay on time again. If this is the case, your interest rates will be much higher than you’d like them to be. This is how banks make lending money to high-risk borrowers viable. This is life. This means that home buyers who have good credit ratings are generally granted access to “A” loans, also known as Conforming Conventional Mortgage Loans or prime rate loans. These are the mortgages which have the best interest rate a lender can offer, according to current market conditions. They are made […]

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